What If You Loved Your Spouse Like Your Child?

Thriving Relationships with Jessica Hartley

Santa Clarita Relationship coach Jessica Hartley was live on-air this week on her weekly radio show to talk about how the relationship we have with our partners may be flawed, and how to learn from the way we love our children to improve our capacity to unconditionally love.

Jessica says that as parents, we have a very different relationship with our children than we do with anyone else. That relationship is unconditional and forever. She encourages everyone to use some of those kinds of love towards our significant others as well.

“If we could just realize that our relationships thrive when we see the very best in our partner, despite their weaknesses,” said Jessica. “If we did that, we would approach them with unconditional love.”

Jessica goes into detail about how different people react differently in relationships, many times, because of how they were parented. She also explains that different parenting techniques and depending on how conscious the parent is going about things, that people grow up searching for specific kind of relationships, good or bad.

To hear the full show, watch the attached video or visit her website here.

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