How Do You Know When It Is Time To Leave A Marriage?

Thriving Relationships with Jessica Hartley

Host: Jessica Hartley

Topic: How do you know when it is time to leave a marriage?

Santa Clarita Relationship coach Jessica Hartley was live on-air this week on her weekly radio show to talk about how to know when it is time to leave a marriage.

Jessica starts the show by saying that relationships can be hard, and they take work, and that nine times out of ten, the grass is not greener on the other side. What if you are that one out of nine who should leave though?, asks Jessica, saying that she is here to help guide you through those decisions.

When things get hard in a relationship, one of the pitfalls that people fall into is blaming their partner, says Jessica. It’s important to take responsibility for your role in whatever is going on. Jessica also adds that it is so important to remember that each person in the relationship just wants to be loved.

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“Reach out to your partner, and hold them,” says Jessica, “and be held, and just be loved.”

Jessica goes on to share many more ways to help revive a relationship and make it thrive.

To hear the full show, watch the attached video or visit her website here.

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