Success Stories

Success Stories

I was at a loss- somewhere along the way my wife changed. We had grown apart and the resentment was mutual. I couldn’t fix things on my own- without losing my self-respect. Jessica Hartley stepped in and saved our Marriage when all else failed. She understood the inner workings of men & women and gave me the direction I needed to be the bigger person and to take the lead in my relationship. I applied Jessica’s insight and got the exact results from my wife that Jessica predicted. I was empowered by having a strong woman’s perspective ON MY SIDE. Things changed quickly & dramatically- that is how I know I finally got it right. In the end, my wife was so grateful she sent Jessica flowers & a “Thank-you” letter -which speaks for itself.

Scott Halsted

I began working with Jessica Hartley after my wife cheated on me and left. I knew I had to improve myself to become the man I wanted to be. Jessica was my greatest motivator. She helped me heal the pain and put myself first. She taught me how to speak with influence and take the lead in conflict resolution. I got over my ex and raised the bar. I am so much happier for it. My advice is this; find the time to invest in yourself & trust this program. Be radically honest and stay committed to the work and it WILL work for you. The ROI of this program yields so much more than anything else out there. You can only improve yourself, and as you do, you will find others improve around you.  I absolutely recommend Jessica’s Program, in fact, one of those recommendations has already started working with her- she is that good.

Jason Scott

We had a very bad separation.  Neither one of us trusted the other one. I wasn’t sure if this program would work, but we still loved each other and wanted to make one last big effort to turn it all around. Jessica Hartley taught me to be the bigger person and ignite a powerful chain reaction. The actions I took in my relationship created the positive effects I needed to feel. She became more trusting, respectful, less reactionary, and more loving. The changes I felt in her made me want to be my very best & even more loving back towards her… on and on. We went from anger, separation, and mistrust into feely completely cared for, respected, and loved by the other person. Jessica is a strong coach- I loved her willingness to call bullshit! She pushed me further than I thought I would ever go in regard to personal introspection and my role in the relationship. When you begin this program, I urge you to be as honest as possible and TRUST Jess.  She has your best interest in mind.

Joseph Bongiovi

I completed Jessica’s Legendary Love Program 3 years ago and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I had lost myself with motherhood and marriage, and I came to Jessica when my marriage was about to fall apart. I had no idea how much my childhood wounds were affecting my relationship, nor how to deal with his. My Sessions with her were profoundly healing. I learned to take the reins of my own experience. Jessica helped us realize what unconditional love actually feels like. Her Program gave us the well-rounded healthy model of relationship neither of us ever had. It taught us how to self nurture, take emotional responsibility, have peaceful communication, hold space for each other and ignite our intimacy, I could say so much more… It was absolutely life changing for my own personal growth and is solely responsible for saving our marriage from divorce. Her dedication and passion to helping relationships thrive is so genuine, her heart is so big and I love that about her. I really couldn’t see myself doing this work with anyone else! She is amazing!

Zinnia Usry

Local Artist

This program pulled me out of the biggest struggle of my life.  Tears of joy stream down my cheeks because working with Jessica and her program has transformed my life and my marriage, in ways I did not think possible.  The tools, Jessica’s incredible insight and her ability to dig deep and get to the heart of the matter, every single time are so powerful.. you will be amazed.  This program is so much more effective than traditional therapy.  My favorite part was the ‘Done for You Date Nights!’  This program will teach you how relationships are intended to work, and once applied, these principles will change your life too.   After 26 years of marriage, my husband and I are having so much fun together…we have become two peas in a pod!

Carrie Shepherd


My relationship suffered the ultimate betrayal and we couldn’t get past the pain and anger we both felt.  It took some courage, but Jessica Hartley’s approach was powerful and efficient.  What made the most impact for me was her tool-centered approach.  It was so much more useful than talk therapy.  She listened to the specific issues we were facing, gave us specific feedback, specific tools and taught us how to use them ourselves.   Her step by step structure carried us through this process in a way that felt natural and effortless.  We’ve overcome so much pain.  We no longer have aggressive and hurtful arguments.  There is no more blame or manipulations.   Our relationship is stronger than ever, and I feel free to love her with my whole heart.

Joseph Bongiovi


My relationship was on the rocks. I thought we were past the point of no return and then Jessica Hartley happened. Her program broke through our walls and returned us back to our hearts and that warm chest melting feeling. All of our drama fell away and what was left was a boy and a girl, hand in hand, traveling the road of life and holding each other up to the best that we can be. Jessica saved my relationship and showed me what true intimacy really is.

Tasha Hernandez

Forestry Supervisor

Jessica created lasting change. Thanks to Jessica, I am the person that I have always wanted to be. She offers guidance without judgment, and without making you feel like what you were doing before was wrong. She is an amazing individual to bring into your life. Her warmth, her heart and her words always stick with me. Jessica has uplifted my relationship and my life!

Nicole Handley

Animal Trainer

I had hesitations about going to someone else for help in my own relationship. I don’t know how she did it, but Jessica quickly gained my trust and respect. She was able to meet me right where I was at, and give me useful tools to do my part in making my relationship better. What I have learned through her has been invaluable.

David Barko


Jessica Hartley is highly regarded as a powerful Marriage and Relationship Coach within the professional community. She has incredible perception into what’s going on beneath the surface.  I highly recommend working with this intelligent woman. Her program has set a new standard in the field of Marriage Transformation. Her structure, tools and personal coaching have proven to provide all of the necessary components that can keep families together and cultivate deeply fulfilling relationships for her clients.

Balbir Brar M.D


Becoming a parent has tested every bit of my relationship. It has been so helpful to understand where my challenges are coming from and how to work with them for the good of all of us. Jessica’s influence brought me so much peace and a deep knowing that I can handle what ever may come here on out. Her teaching has empowered me to give my child something better than I ever had. I can make a difference! I keep her voice with me every step of the way.

Melody Golden

Furniture Sales

Jessica Hartley has a warm loving presence. I was immediately drawn in and I felt connected to her. She is a talented teacher, a natural born leader and an inspiration. She has touched my heart and it is clear that she is meant to touch many lives.

Oren Harris

Motivational Speaker

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