Falling Out Of Love? – Thriving Relationships

Thriving Relationships with Jessica Hartley

Host: Jessica Hartley

Topic: Falling Out Of Love

Guest: Amanda Gish

Santa Clarita relationship expert, Jessica Hartley recently sat down on KHTS AM-1220 & FM 98.1 to talk about why she thinks our relationships as couples, is the biggest opportunity for personal growth and development than any other place in our lives.

“It’s crucial because it affects every other area of our lives,” said Jessica, “and so many people around us, even ones that are not related to my immediate relationship.”

Jessica and her guest, Amanda Gish, go on to talk about how a person in a healthy relationship will be a better employee, coworker and all around human.

“The more we can enter into this state of letting the world around us, and anything that my partner does, trigger me into this state of love the better off I’m going to be, the better off the relationship is going to be, the better off our children are going to be,” said Jessica.

Jessica goes on to explain that all of life is about growth, and facing challenges in our relationships and seeing them as opportunities for growth is a tool we can carry with us into all different aspects of life.

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