The Divorce Rate and How To Avoid It – Thriving Relationships With Jessica Hartley – April 25, 2019

Thriving Relationships with Jessica Hartley

Host: Jessica Hartley

Topic: The Divorce Rate and How To Avoid It

Guest: Samantha Davis

Santa Clarita Relationship coach Jessica Hartley was live on-air this week on her weekly radio show to talk about how divorce rates are high, and the amount of people in unhappy relationships are even higher.

Jessica was joined in studio by Samantha Davis, who is a women’s wellness expert, and author. Samantha mentions that one of the best things she has learned about being in a relationship is that no matter what happens, she is responsible for her reaction.

“Most couples don’t seek help with their relationships until they have been struggling for 6-8 years,” said Jessica. “It takes so much humility to admit that they need help.”

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Samantha comments that people aren’t taught about healthy relationships while growing up and getting into relationships. Jessica notes that she sees the importance of that so much that she teaches high schoolers in Santa Clarita about what healthy relationships look like, and gives them tools to build them.

“The divorce rate is an epidemic,” said Jessica, “something is not working.”

According to Jessica, the conventional approach to marital health and healing is flawed and gives her listeners tips on how to switch it up and become happier and healthier in their relationships.

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