Joseph Bongiovi

We had a very bad separation.  Neither one of us trusted the other one. I wasn’t sure if this program would work, but we still loved each other and wanted to make one last big effort to turn it all around. Jessica Hartley taught me to be the bigger person and ignite a powerful chain reaction. The actions I took in my relationship created the positive effects I needed to feel. She became more trusting, respectful, less reactionary, and more loving. The changes I felt in her made me want to be my very best & even more loving back towards her… on and on. We went from anger, separation, and mistrust into feeling completely cared for, respected, and loved by each other. Jessica is a strong coach- I loved her willingness to call bullshit! She pushed me further than I thought I would ever go in regard to personal introspection and my role in the relationship. When you begin this program, I urge you to be as honest as possible and TRUST Jess.  She has your best interest in mind.