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She is a leader of her generation, REVOLUTIONIZING how we heal our marriages and turn them around for good.

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

As a child, I did not have the best model of love to follow. My father was alcoholic and abusive. My parents divorced and I watched my mother struggle to find love, her second divorce leaving her heartbroken.  As I grew up, I learned to protect myself from possible pain, I had a low self worth, and I lived in fear.  I did not believe or trust in real genuine love. But I was a romantic at heart. I had a vision for what I wanted in my own marriage, and my deepest fear was that I would end up with an unhappy, unhealthy, disconnected marriage, like the ones I knew all too well.

One summer at 17 years old, I fell deeply in love with my best friend, the man I eventually married. At first, I had a big conflict between what my heart wanted and what my brain was ready to protect me from, could I trust love? Despite my vision, our relationship struggled, but I didn’t want to give up.

No matter how hard I tried, things still weren’t working. The old patterns just keep showing up and they were getting worse.  I was determined to get to the root of to my automatic thought patterns that clearly were not serving me and I needed a mentor.

I was determined to crack the code.

Fueled by my heart, I dedicated my life, my education and research to the study of love, relationships and the human psyche.

I wanted to know, what is it EXACTLY, that makes a relationship successful?  What makes people genuinely happy and fulfilled in life, love and marriage?  Why do so many people suffer so much pain in relationship, while others find a way to thrive, often despite the most challenging circumstances?

And my biggest question was

Why do so many relationships seem to start off with so much love and romance but end in resentment, heartbreak, divorce and breaking up the family they created together?

Along the way, I picked up a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, and applied all that I was learning into my own relationship.  I healed the deep wounds of my past and started showing up as a completely different person inside of my own relationship. My energy began to shift my husbands energy and our relationship began to thrive.

What I learned taught me how to survive the trials of adolescent love, and continued to exceed my expectations.  Once I had the right tools, my marriage was no longer hard… it was easy, fun and deeply connecting.  It reached beyond what I ever thought was possible.

When I looked out into the world and saw such high divorce rates, I was heartbroken. I knew what these people were suffering through, and I knew how to get them out of it. I was compelled to help. With my coaching degree, research and experience in hand, I began teaching this model to anyone, who was determined, like me, to create the strong thriving relationship that they were meant to have.

Soon after, I realized that teaching these concepts was not enough, I had to offer a way for my clients to integrating these concepts as the new norm.  I took a step back and I was shocked to realize that there is currently NO structure to support re-wiring the brain towards positive lasting change in relationships.  The conventional approach to marriage and relationship help was failing to meet the needs of these hopeful relationships.  Not only is conventional talk therapy outdated and takes way too long, it does not provide any structure to re-wire the old programing in our brain with new insights and actions.

I was put to the test. I knew in my gut that if I truly wanted to influence lasting change and make a radical difference for love and marriage, I had to create something new.  I had to innovate.  I was deeply called to teach and serve this radical love to suffering relationships.  And to do that, I had to create a platform that delivers real results and positive lasting change-  and then deliver these results as efficiently as possible. So I took a year off from coaching my clients and hit the research table AGAIN. I studied brain development, skill acquisition, and the subconscious mind. I wanted to figure out, what it takes to re-wire our automatic negative thoughts, and reactions? How do we learn a new skill as efficiently as possible? And what does it take to ensure that it sticks?

I set out to innovate a program that would stand alone, and began to devote myself to daily and relentless progress, giving this project nothing less than my very best. If my program was going to provide this level of depth and personal transformation, I wanted it to be the very best of what my clients need so they can finally embrace a life of deep connection, complete devotion and real Legendary Love.

The Legendary Love Program is a direct result of this application, research and study, tested and compiled into the essential elements, tools AND the cognitive structure to re-wire a relationship from depth of pain into deep lasting love.  Along the way, I realized that this process is so strong, it can work with only 1 partner on board, which came in handy since half of my clients were already facing the brink of divorce.

What I bring to the table is my own personal experience.

What I offer is beyond words and theories,

it is a powerful reality-changing experience.

I have been where you are and I have found the way out. Iv’e spent years of investment, research, personal development and formal education. I am a living testament to its worth. This program is so powerful that it can save your relationship once and for all. But it is not for everyone. I start with a simple conversation to asses if your relationship is a fit for this program.  95% of the time we throw in the towel too early, just to repeat the same painful patterns in the next relationship.

What if you simply changed the foundations of THIS relationship?

Marriage is only hard, when you don’t have the essential foundations in place.

There are many couples that have been struggling. For every 10 people that get married today, 4- 5 end in divorce while 3 of 10 of them feel trapped but stay married surviving the unhappiness. New research shows that our quality of life happiness is directly related to the quality of our relationship and “high conflict marriages turn out to be very bad for immune function, life expectancy and brain function, perhaps worse than getting divorced.”

I often work with couples that did not have an ideal model of love to follow.

Most couples give up on their marriage all too soon because they just did not have the right tools, right support or the right core foundation of love to base their relationship on. Without which, they are exhausting themselves by searching in the dark, and coming back to the same old patterns over and again. They must be able to heal the road blocks of past conditioning before they can embrace a completely different model of love that works. And that is where The Legendary Love Program comes in. I am a bold game changer, here to serve, uplift and transform the norms. I am motivated by altruism, self mastery and an enthusiasm for spreading the experience of a full, thriving, heart-centered Legendary Love life… which is unfortunately, a reality untouched by the masses. About half of my clients are couples and the other half work with me as the individual who’s partner has already given up. The program has been tested and proven to work powerfully and effectively to save the relationship in both scenarios.

You can spend the rest of your life growing more deeply in love with your best friend.

With so many ready for change, I am not interested in becoming your crutch or dragging this process out. This program does not drone on like years of therapy making small temporary changes along the way. It is as bold as I am, it gets right to the root, giving you multiple breakthroughs each week.  It doesn’t leave you hanging, because it provides you with the guidance, support and feedback you need, when you need it. The cognitive structure is designed to easily carry you through, into changes that last.

And let’s be honest, the very worst that can happen is that you will still divorce… BUT after going through the program it will be on good terms, having done your part, healed your greatest wounds, grounded in your strength, with confidence, the ability to transcend conflict and communicate effectively.

This program is designed to empower you. You will feel more alive, authentic, more at peace, and more confident than you ever have before.  You’ll become the model for your children and others around you.  The ripple effect continues outward from there.

I have your back, let’s do this!

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