Sacred Marriage Tantra: (2022 Dates to Be Determined- Please Inquire)

This Retreat is only for the brave lovers, ready to re-ignite the spark of passion and sexual vitality in a your monogamous relationship through the principles and basic practices of Tantra, Healing Sexual Hurts and Open Hearted Communication.  Our Focus is invigorating the first 2 Chakras (Root and Sacral). You can expect to walk away from this retreat ready to have the best sex of your life… over and over again.  This retreat is discussion based and fully clothed- what you do in the privacy of your own room is, as always, up to you.

*Feeling Safe with your Partner

*Setting Boundaries

*Healing any Sexual Hurts/ Wounds of the Past

*Trusting and Invigorating your Own Sexuality (Masculine & Feminine)

*Trusting and Inspiring your Partners Sexuality

*Sexuality as Creative Potent Energy 

*Energetic Sexual Connection (Tantra)

*Evoking, Harmonizing & Balancing Your Sexual Energies

*Sexual Transmutation